The Idea

The instant photography is experiencing worldwide an awesome revival. Italy, France, USA and England are just some of the countries where the scene comes together for festivals and exhibitions. Germany rarely appears in the exhibitions calendars of the relevant Internet magazines from the Polaroid Community. That is why it was obvious that finally also in Germany, especially in Cologne, the city of the “Photokina” an “International Instant Art Expo” had to be organized.

…so let’s celebrate instant photo art in Cologne as part of the Photoszene-Festival with more than 30 artists from around the world!

The Team

Kalle Paltzer is a trained ceramist, Graphic Designer and illustrator, working now a days in first line as a paper artist designing wall arts. Since 2016 he runs an additional gallery in Cologne, organizing here as well exhibitions. Here is where, about a year ago Bahrour and Paltzer met each other and recently decided to bring to life the project “InstantCologne”.

Maruan Bahrour aka [MaruanDotCom] works since the middle of the 1990s as a freelance photo artist in Cologne and Hamburg. Polaroid was always a permanent component of his working process, be it as in the pre-digital period for tests purposes, or as a conscious elected medium for arts projects. Since the last 10 years he organizes an art event in different cities under the name of “Showcase…the one night gallery!“.

The Venue

Galerie O - SMEND • Mainzer Straße 37 • 50678 Köln